What Is Crossfit?

CrossFit defines its workouts as “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.” To understand this better, let’s break it down:

Under the mentality that “routine is the enemy”, CrossFit workouts are constantly changing, never allowing for the body adapt. Not only does this prevent fitness plateaus, but it also provides a fresh, exciting experience every time you come into the gym.
This is an element of CrossFit that drives many misconceptions. Many people hear the phrase “high intensity” or see the elite CrossFit competitors on TV and assume that our workouts are only for ultra-fit athletes. This assumption is entirely inaccurate. Intensity goals are different for each individual, so our workouts adjust accordingly. Regardless of age or experience, every athlete will be provided with a workout experience that is not only suited for their current fitness level, but still “intense” enough that they will greatly benefit from their efforts.
These are movements that the human body was designed to naturally perform. “Functional” movements are natural, safe and experienced in all facets of our day. The common “workout” at an ordinary gym involves sitting in a fixed position on a machine and isolating individual muscle groups, ultimately resulting in unbalanced, useless strength. Our workouts, rather, incorporate “functional” movements that are directly transferable to the movements that we use every day. Furthermore, these promote neurological and hormonal responses, leading to better health, strength, core stability, agility, and flexibility.

As previously mentioned, CrossFit workouts can be “scaled” to any body, age, and level of fitness. All are absolutely welcome! We work with each individual to ensure that your experience is specific to your own personal goals. Also, all workouts are run in a group setting, so the community experience provides the elements of collaboration, motivation and excitement that separate CrossFit from any other workout regime.Intrigued? Come check us out!