CrossFit was created to increase work capacity across broad time and modal domain in order to improve a person’s overall health. But how exactly can this exercise regimen improve your health at CrossFit around Rittenhouse Square? There are a handful of important reasons.

First off, the functional movements—based on gymnastics, weightlifting, rowing, and more—are performed in high intensity. The intervals of intensity are measured over time. Employment of these everyday core movements leads to significant gains in physical fitness. Especially when employing a constantly varied approach to your training techniques with our instructors.

The next benefit is a community. When you show up to CrossFit University City, you can always count on other people being there. You’re never alone and we’re all in this together. Many of our customers aren’t just strangers five feet away, but part of a larger, adopted, CrossFit family. Plus, your risk of injuries decreases dramatically when you’re in a group setting compared to working out alone in your home.

We believe in working smarter, not necessarily harder. Our CrossFit program near Rittenhouse relies on data. We keep accurate scores and records together using running clocks. We derive both the relative and absolute metrics to maximize your athletic performance and ultimately, build your physical endurance.

The reason why we take such accurate and precise measures is to identify and meet observable and repetitive results. Fitness-oriented goal setting, especially a New Year’s Resolutions, is easy when you work with us.

Lastly, the best part is that the program can be suited for anyone. It’s inclusive of all bodies. If you need to start slower or faster, we either reduce or increase scale load and intensity without ever having to change the program.

If you’re looking for a CrossFit around Rittenhouse Square, count on CrossFit University City at 109 S 24th St. Drop by today for more information and become part of our adopted family.