We take your fitness and well-being seriously, not ourselves.

Through optimal coaching and a specific focus on technique and safety, we constantly strive to motivate you so that your time at here is the best hour of your day.


There are a lot of misconceptions associated with CrossFit, and we want to prove them wrong. We assure that you will be not be intimidated, you will be motivated, and you will have fun. For more info, please click above for a further breakdown of CrossFit and why it can greatly benefit your healthy lifestyle.


From CrossFit Games Regional competitors to NCAA Division I All-Americans and US Olympic Team members, CrossFit University City’s staff boasts an extremely diverse pool of experience that will help any individual meet and exceed their fitness goals.


Our classes are run hourly and are designed to address various fitness elements within a minimal time period. With offerings spanning from early morning to deep into the evening, there will be classes available for any busy schedule.


Interested? Curious? Skeptical, even? Feel free to come on by for a FREE drop-in class any Saturday morning at 9:00am and experience CrossFit University City yourself! Simply fill out our “Contact” information page and let us know when you plan to attend. We’d love to have you as part of the UCity team!


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6:00 am  CrossFit  CrossFit  CrossFit CrossFit   CrossFit
7:00 am CrossFit  CrossFit  CrossFit CrossFit   CrossFit
 8:30 am  CrossFit CrossFit   CrossFit CrossFit   CrossFit
9:00 am          Free Intro | Open Gym
10:00 am          CrossFit | Open Gym 
11:00 am          CrossFit | Open Gym  CrossFit | Open Gym
12:00 pm  CrossFit  CrossFit   CrossFit CrossFit  CrossFit 
4:30 pm CrossFit  CrossFit   CrossFit CrossFit  CrossFit
5:30 pm CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit | Open Gym
6:30 pm CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit
7:30pm CrossFit CrossFit

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CrossFit CrossFit

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